Tabby (rainydaygirl) wrote in flowersbyirene,

Terry Schiavo, Democrats Ace in the Hole

Although coming a little late after the Presidential election, the death of renegade liberal, Terry Schiavo, takes the Democractic party one step closer to revealing the evil plan of the current Republican government.

"It was tough knowing her decision," husband, Michael Schiavo said. "It was her plan all along to stop the Republican Party."

Unbeknownst to the public and her immediately family, Terry was psychic. "She knew where our society was headed and she felt she had to take matters into her own hands. Having seen the fate of a "free" nation under a tyrannical ruler, she knew she was the only one to stop it."

Terry's family fought hard to keep her alive. "We all anticipated her psychic ability. When Michael told us, we were pissed at her decision," tells Terry's father Mr. Schindler. "We decided to fight and try to keep her alive on the off chance she should wake up. Then we could get the lottery numbers."

Now Terry's fighting spirit can rest knowing that the battle over her life caused a huge upset for the current administration.
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